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high-quality and performance video archive

Skoiy Archive is a high-performance and active video archive that streamlines the process of searching, storing and sharing video.

A scalable platform that grows alongside your business and that allows you to:
  • optimize video production and management workflow;
  • make video transfers safely;
  • easily search and find the content you're looking for.
An intuitive and effective platform that will help you increase productivity, ensure your content security and streamline your work process in a way that will give you more time to build and manage your business strategy.
Skoiy Archive is available 24/7 from anywhere.
Skoiy Archive advantages
an active video archive of high-quality and performance that optimizes video search, store and share processes.
greater focus on strategy and creativity
in-stream tags
Skoiy Archive is the ideal solution for you to stop wasting time and having additional worries about archiving, protecting and sharing your videos.

With Skoiy Archive expert support, preventive maintenance, upgrades and backups, your team will be more available to create and think about the best strategy, so your projects achieve the desired results.
Skoiy Archive simplifies the searching and sharing video processes by using in-stream tags.

This way of video cataloging guarantees you greater optimization and monetization of your internal resources, as with this feature you can quickly find the video segment you are looking for and you can organize your files more efficiently.
find specific frames
secure transfers
Having your videos well tagged with in-stream tags gives you one-click access to all tagged videos whenever you need to collect or find specific frames.

Skoiy Archive allows you to directly select and align clips, perform a sequential preview and export only the chosen frames to your editing program (keeping the order you choose).
Share your videos through private and secure links. Downloads are unlimited, and you can decide who can watch your videos and even set an expiration date for these links.
quick clip creation
Skoiy Archive lets you quickly and easily create and export clips from your videos. This feature streamlines and speeds up the process of sharing segments of a video from anywhere with internet access.

So, you can easily share snippets of your videos and even exchange impressions on specific frames with your colleagues or clients.
cost savings
Using Skoiy Archive reduces the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and the maintenance cost because it does not require hardware or network configurations, which saves you time and money.
No need to worry about resource provisioning. That is, it is not necessary to calculate what you will consume in the future since with Skoiy Archive you only pay for what you use at the moment and you can increase or decrease the structure as your business evolves.
tailored to your needs, you only pay for what you use
security and privacy
At Skoiy Archive you find a protected, dedicated and exclusive environment. We know that your video content security and privacy are your business sustainability key aspects.
your video content in a protected environment
Therefore, we continually invest in our infrastructure security and protection. By archiving your videos locally in your company you are endangering your archive because in a computer attack or a disaster situation (fire, flood or theft) the content would not be protected and you could lose it, which would result in a great loss.

With Skoiy Archive, you have a high-performance and data center-structured solution that offers redundancy and integrated backups, which minimizes file loss and corruption risks.
accessibility and availability
Having access to your video archive and the ability to create clips, share and monitor your videos from anywhere and anytime is essential to keep up with market demands.

We focus on content availability and mobility. Through Skoiy Archive, you can access your video files from any device (computers, smartphones and tablets).
active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Companies with more than one location, for example, do not need to have a video storage server or set up a complex internal network to safely access their data.

With Skoiy Archive, you can access from anywhere, making remote work easier. The infrastructure is Skoiy Archive's sole responsibility, which keeps the operation running 24/7.
backup and redundancy
Protecting your videos is a key factor in ensuring your business productivity and longevity. Having redundancy and a backup system is an essential measure to ensure a secure workflow.

Skoiy Archive has been structured to ensure your videos security and protection through redundancy and active backups.
save energy
Using Skoiy Archive helps your business save energy and space by not running on electricity or server cooling. Thus, your company can save energy resources and reduce the environmental impact.
save energy resources

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