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online management of photos, images and documents

Skoiy Assets is an online asset management and archiving platform (images, photos, galleries and documents) that streamlines the process of searching, storing and disseminating albums and image galleries.

With Skoiy Assets, the process of archiving and finding your images or documents becomes simple and intuitive through the advanced tag cataloging and filtering system.

The platform allows you to select the images you want to integrate into websites or mobile applications through our API or one of our available galleries. The task of resizing images when creating new content is no longer a concern. Skoiy Assets does all this automatically, keeping your content optimized for search engines, avoiding time-wasting repetitive tasks.
Who can benefit from Skoiy Assets?

Skoiy Assets is an online image management and archiving platform for discerning professionals who need to catalog, archive, search or upload a large number of images to websites, integrate them into news, blogs, or create photo galleries/albums.
  • Publishers
  • Photographers
  • Newspapers
  • Web TVs
  • Blogs
  • Brands
  • Publishers
  • Clubs/Federations
skoiy assets advantages
Skoiy Assets is a core platform that enables you to increase the profitability of your business. From automatically optimizing your images according to search engine preferences to the ability to quickly filter and find images and documents, Skoiy Assets brings you all the advantages you need to be able to optimize your time and your files.
automatically adjusted images
Image customization and creation
Skoiy Assets allows you to upload original images without worrying about their size or resolution. The platform automatically adjusts and optimizes them using its algorithm. With Skoiy Assets, images are always perfectly adjusted to the defined layout. Avoid wasting time with repetitive and non-creative tasks.

advanced tag and filter management
Skoiy Assets makes it incredibly easy to tag and filter images or documents. Always have the content you need well organized and just a click away. Quickly and intuitively, you can find the images you're looking for and regain more time to devote to your business.

With the Skoiy Assets platform, you can customize key aspects of your images, avoiding wasted time by having to resort to advanced editing programs or external websites.

Skoiy Assets simply lets you:
  • create a call-to-action for a video by adding the play button to your image;
  • choose and adjust your image to the ideal format (includes presets of the most used formats in social networks);
  • convert the image format (jpeg or png);
  • adjust the size and quality of the image (which can be reduced significantly if it is more convenient for you);
  • add a watermark of your choice (you can quickly put your logo on your images);
  • Download or automatically save your file to reuse later.
>advanced tag and filter management
>Skoiy Assets makes it incredibly easy to tag and filter images or documents. Always have the content you need well organized and just a click away. Quickly and intuitively, you can find the images you're looking for and regain more time to devote to your business.

bulk photo upload
SEO improvement
Skoiy Assets allows you to upload bulk photos directly from folders in an easy and fast way, so that content is always organized and properly tagged.

content always organized and properly tagged

The platform automatically optimizes images so that they load quickly on your pages. This means that your website images will always be small enough to fit on any device (desktop, tablet and mobile). This ensures that content is tailored to search engines (SEO) without any effort or concern.

higher profitability and cost reduction
No need to worry about resource provisioning. That is, it is not necessary to calculate what you will consume in the future since with Skoiy Archive you only pay for what you use at the moment and you can increase or decrease the structure as your business evolves.
tailored to your needs, you only pay for what you use
The Skoiy Assets platform gives you the ability to increase the profitability of your content because you can easily find the images in your archive and reuse them when you need to. The solution also allows you to increase your website traffic by automatically optimizing images for search engines. This way, by making your workflow more efficient, it saves you time and money while producing higher-value content.

On the other hand, the platform requires a very low maintenance cost, since it does not require the configuration of networks or the purchase of hardware, which avoids energy costs and server cooling, for example. Thus, the Total Cost Ownership (TCO), as well as the environmental impact of the solution, will be very low.
developer friendly
accessibility and availability
In addition to facilitating content management on a website, portal or blog for the management/writing team, the Skoiy Assets platform provides an API that will make it easier and faster for developers to implement new projects. Everything they need to integrate and implement the most demanding requirements is easily accessible. Reduce the burden and the investment on programming and servers in order to integrate images or galleries in your project.
Having access to your asset archive, being able to access and share your images from anywhere and at anytime is essential to keep up with market demands. We focus on content availability and mobility. Through Skoiy Assets, you can have access to your images, photos and documents from any device (computers, smartphones and tablets).
active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Companies with more than one location, for example, do not need to have a video storage server or set up a complex internal network to safely access their data. With Skoiy Assets, you can access from anywhere, making remote work easier. The infrastructure is Skoiy Assets' sole responsibility, which keeps the operation running 24/7.
At Skoiy Assets, you find a protected, dedicated and exclusive environment. We know that your content security and privacy are essential to your business sustainability. Therefore, we continually invest in our infrastructure security and protection.

By archiving your videos locally in your company you are endangering your archive because in a computer attack or a disaster situation (fire, flood or theft) the content would not be protected and you could lose it, which would result in a great loss. With Skoiy Assets, you have a high-performance and data center-structured solution that offers redundancy and integrated backups, which minimizes file loss and corruption risks.
safely archive your images
Direct integration with other Skoiy platforms
Skoiy is a very complete integrated media management, archiving, sharing and monetization platform solution. Skoiy Assets is one of the platforms that incorporate the solution. Successful content creators often have other needs than just placing image galleries on a website, such as introducing written articles and hosting and playing videos.

All of these needs can be met within the Skoiy family, respectively, in Skoiy Posts and Skoiy Video.
enables direct integration with other Skoiy platforms (Video, Posts)

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