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content management, distribution and monetization
Nowadays, the challenge of gaining prominence online is getting harder. So, to win their audience, brands have to create increasingly complete and engaging content.
In addition to ensuring content quality, brands need to distribute it in their audience's favorite places and formats, which means creating content in a variety of ways: written articles, images, videos, live videos, and much more.
Managing all this and still having time to think about coming up with creative content or disruptive strategies is not always easy. With the focus on simplifying and centralizing content management, we've created Skoiy.
An integrated media platform that streamlines and simplifies the management, distribution and monetization of online content across multiple independent platforms that fit the needs of each project.
Optimize your processes and save more time for the essentials. Skoiy is designed to help your business grow by maximizing your time and your financial return.
how can Skoiy help your business?
Skoiy is a media platform that allows you to manage online content, whether it's written articles, images, image galleries, videos or live videos.
With its scalable architecture, intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), the Skoiy platform is the result of customer experience and feedback, with whom we've been developing and implementing online televisions, news and magazine portals and media projects over the last few years.
The solution allows you to work all the content in an integrated way. Across the various platforms, Skoiy offers all the tools you need to create and to distribute content online more efficiently and cost-effectively.
Designed for multidisciplinary teams, Skoiy facilitates interaction between different departments (Department of Communication, Marketing, Commercial, Audiovisual, etc.).

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