The next level of end-to-end digital media platforms.

Manage, deliver and monetize all types of media in the same spot.
Skoiy is an integrated suite of platforms that simplifies and centralizes the management, distribution, and monetization of digital media across a suite of independent platforms that fit the needs of each project. It provides teams the time they need for what really matters. Trust the tech on us and get more time to maximize your biggest value: your content.
8 reasons to choose Skoiy:
  • An end-to-end solution developed in-house;
  • Powerful dashboard with advanced tools;
  • Scalable architecture, with an intuitive user interface;
  • Bridging the different teams of a digital media project;
  • Custom-made APPs;
  • Multidevice and multiscreen;
  • All monetization models & Paywall;
  • In-depth analytics.
Skoiy allows a unified workflow that speeds up management processes and streamlines the interaction and communication between different departments of a digital media project, from the IT Team to Content & Creative Production and Sales & Marketing Teams.
Greater efficiency means more time for strategy, content production, and creativity. Better content means more engagement and business.
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Skoiy OTT
Skoiy handles the editorial content online management, responding to the need to manage portals, blogs and facilitating the publication of news at any time. It is an intuitive tool designed to streamline and simplify the workflow of content creators, editors and writing teams. Skoiy Posts stands out for its ability to increase productivity in content creation and publishing.
How can Skoiy help your business?
By relying on the Skoiy suite of platforms and the disruptive approach to digital media management, your project will increase productivity and cost-effectiveness. You don’t need different vendors to create and manage an end-to-end digital media project. Find everything in the same place. The headless CMS will make all the difference.
In addition to developing all the technology we use, which allows us to optimize each project, we put at your disposal the experience and know-how that we have accumulated over the last few years in the creation and implementation of OTTs, portals and media projects.
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