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online video professional management
Skoiy Video is a video distribution platform that gives you complete content control, ease of management, increased reach, cost-effectiveness and security.
skoiy video advantages
From hosting to publishing to statistical analysis of your video performance, Skoiy Video is a complete solution for professional video distribution, with several advantages:
developer friendly
video SEO
Besides facilitating video management on websites for the content management/writing team, Skoiy Video provides an API that accelerates the process of implementing new projects for developers. Everything they need to integrate and to implement the most demanding requirements is easily accessible. Reduce the burden and the investment on both programming and servers when integrating video into your project.

Doing video SEO is not the same as doing regular SEO. Search engine requirements for video content are very specific. It's not always easy to stay up-to-date on video marketing strategies that allow you to publish 100% optimized video. This learning process can be long and complex. But with Skoiy Video, the whole process is made easy. The platform ensures the optimization of your videos, providing you with all the information you need to enter so that your content is in compliance with all the technical characteristics required by search engine standards.
optimized thumbnails
Managing multiple projects simultaneously
Choosing a good thumbnail is essential to boost video viewing. Skoiy Video automatically generates multiple thumbnails that make it easy for you to select the ideal thumbnail.

automatically generates multiple thumbnails
In Skoiy Video, it is possible to have several accounts for different projects from a single access. In this centralized way, the management of different content is made easy and can be done from the same platform in a simple and fast way.

Advanced Tag Management
filters that help you find your content
The platform encourages you to use tags to organize your content. Skoiy Video's advanced tag management system is very intuitive and streamlines the workflow, ensuring your content is always well organized and within a few clicks.

Skoiy Video offers filters that make searching for videos faster. Through filters, you can search and find your videos quickly and intuitively.

find your videos quickly and intuitively.
Content planning and scheduling
Available from tablet and desktop
Understanding the need to prepare various content for posting at different times, Skoiy Video allows you to schedule videos for specific dates and times.
You can work from anywhere, the platform is accessible not only on desktops but also on tablets. This way, you won't miss the opportunity to launch first-hand content from anywhere.
Inclusion of subtitles, chapters and cue points
transcoding incorporation and manifest creation
Easily associate your video with subtitles, chapters or cue points which are automatically produced and available to users. Through its player, the Skoiy Video platform integrates with the standard WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks Format) format.
The Skoiy Video platform incorporates a transcoding module for creating multiple video profiles and generating traditional manifests:
- MPEG Dash
- SmoothStreaming
sneak peeks
You can directly select a moment or a clip from your video and do a preview or sneak peek of the content. With the Skoiy Video platform, you can optimize this process no matter how many videos you need.
a player that maintains aspect ratio
The platform interprets and distributes its videos, offering the possibility of having a player that maintains the aspect ratio of the video. Skoiy Video includes the following ratios: 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, 9:16, 64:27 and 40:17. This way, you can create unique video experiences.
How can Skoiy Video help you monetize your videos?
With the Skoiy Video platform, you manage your video content in a simplified and agile way. There are several aspects of Skoiy Video that will help you get the most out of your videos:
Expert Support
enjoy full customization
Using Skoiy Video, you will have at your disposal a specialized team, strongly oriented to Online Video and video SEO strategies, who can help you with integrations, security issues and business growth.
Using Skoiy Video, you will have at your disposal a specialized team, strongly oriented to Online Video and video SEO strategies, who can help you with integrations, security issues and business growth.
Manage multilingual projects simply
bullk upload
Multilingual page management is now an easy and fast process with Skoiy Video. The platform has an intuitive interface and the process of translating content is extremely simple. Skoiy Video lets you add a new root language or clone existing content without reloading all the information. Managing a project in multiple languages ​​will no longer be a problem.
Bulk upload is ideal for those who want to upload large amounts of video content online. With Skoiy Video, you don't have to wait for hours and hours to put your video online. Through the platform, you can quickly upload multiple videos simultaneously.

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