Your video archive searchable & accessible

A scalable archiving video platform with advanced searching and sharing features. Speed up your workflow, increase productivity and security.
How does skoiy archive help your business save time?
It is impossible to recover time, and that’s why it is so precious. Skoiy Archive was born from this premise and was designed to buy your company more time to invest in creativity and strategy. Understand how Skoiy Archive can help you.
Start using right away
Skoiy Archive allows you to store your files without having to buy hardware or install it. All you need is Internet access.
don’t waste any time on complex configurations nor in hardware investments.
Quickly find what you’re looking for and create clips
Skoiy Archive’s video organization system with in-stream tags saves hours searching for a specific frame or old videos. Your team will efficiently organize all your content with just a few clicks.
Access the platform anywhere
Skoiy Archive lets you access archives anywhere, 24/7, so you can work remotely, securely and quickly. In this way, you can work more competitively and optimize resources.
Make your team more profitable
The Skoiy Archive makes the research process easy for you. Whenever you record a certain frame and archive it to the Skoiy Archive, it is easily located.
save time and money by getting more profit out of your staff and your content.
Enjoy our support
The Skoiy Archive team dedicated to platform support and maintenance is committed to making sure you don’t waste time on anything other than idealizing and realizing your ideas and projects.
Need help? Talk to our experts.